Visionary Art by Brooke Ann

What is a Soul Energy Portrait™?

A Soul Energy Portrait™ is a visionary piece of art,  wherein the Artist transmits spiritual communication. Considered a personal totem pole, it is closely related to your chakra system, your spiritual heritage, and it reveals clues as to how to balance your inner elements in order for you to connect to your Higher / Inner Self. It's a "gateway" for you to experience more of who you are and contains sacred messages from your spirit animals as well as other archetypes. These may show up, to guard, to guide, to help you grow and heal.

Created by Artist Brooke Ann, a Soul Energy Portrait™ not only can be appreciated for a lifetime but, also, you can use it as a visual aid to facilitate meditation. What separates this kind of portrait from others is the shamanic process, and this means distant healing is transmitted! Clients often experience a shift toward wellness. The Artist works within a state of consciousness wherein creativity and healing become one and the same. The healing process itself can assist ingraining you further into nature's laws and, thus, can help you to discern and recognize your own divine path.

May your life become the prayer.